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Exclusive Loricraft PRC Dealer in the U.S.

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As music lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of preserving the sound quality of your vinyl collection. That's why we're committed to providing efficient and effective record cleaning machines, along with a personalized customer experience.

a company built on trust

At our company, we believe that trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, especially in business. That's why we take a direct and personal approach to interacting with our customers. We can ensure that every touchpoint is a positive one, and that your experience is as seamless as possible. Contact us if you are interested in buying a Loricraft PRC from Water Music!


The loricraft
Professional record Cleaner

The Loricraft Professional Record Cleaner made its debut in 1990 and quickly became the benchmark in the industry. The world's leading record industry professionals and vinyl aficionados now choose Loricraft as their go-to record cleaner.


Features an expensive hospital industrial-grade pump that provides 28 liters/ minute of suction, a power wash for very dirty records, & virtually immune from long hours of cleaning.

Built like a tank and owned by many satisfied archivists, record stores, and vinyl lover audiophiles.

Loricraft Professional Record Cleaner PCR4i
Loricraft Professional Record Cleaner PCR6i


The "King" of all professional cleaners.

Features the largest industrial-grade vacuum pump in the industry and the quietest vacuum cleaning of any machine. The pump is suited for industrial application and is impervious to caustic chemicals and vapors.

Manufactured by SME Loricraft Audio UK



I am proud to be the exclusive dealer of the Loricraft Professional Record Cleaner in the United States. As a dedicated vinyl enthusiast and an owner of the product, I understand the importance of maintaining the highest quality sound from your records. That's why I am so passionate about the Loricraft PRC.

I am glad to be a part of the Loricraft PRC community and I look forward to helping you experience the difference that this exceptional product can make.

"We’ve had the Loricraft for 3 months and it’s everything that we wanted. It’s efficient, quiet, and it does what needed to do. It effortlessly handles the volume that we generate running a vinyl shop. It is absolutely the best investment for our store. Not least because it has reduced  the number of problem records in our inventory."

- Wild Peccaries, Etsy Store

“The Loricraft PRC6i is a machine for those who delight in the rituals and pride of vinyl ownership. It is flawlessly built, a pleasure to use, and cleans vinyl more effectively than anything I have yet tried. Your records will sound significantly quieter and better thanks to machines like the Loricraft. In this second golden age of vinyl, it’s a wonderful irony that the phonographic record, the very first mass-market physical music carrier, might just turn out to be the last."

- Jonathan Gorse

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